Semi-Sweet Wines

Jowler Creek_Traminette_013.jpg


While this hybrid grape is relatively new to its midwestern habitat, Traminette is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. This tasty wine is loaded with fruity
scents and crawling with pear, green apple, and citrus flavors. It pairs perfectly with heavier seafood dishes, chicken, quail, or succulent cream sauces.

Suggested Food Pairings

Chicken alfredo, grilled salmon, roasted quail

Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy

Spring and summer picnics, light lunches, 
with appetizers before dinner

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Vignoles (pronounced vee-knoll) is quickly becoming an endangered species…everyone wants to get their hands on a bottle! This wine is rather exotic and loaded with flavors of peach, strawberry, apricot, pineapple, and honey. Yet it’s light, crisp and refreshing. It’s the perfect mate to a light lunch out on the back deck, or a hot and spicy supper.

Suggested Food Pairings

Spicy pork riblets, light chicken, crab cakes, most seed fruits

Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy

Light lunches, hot and spicy suppers, fish fries


butterfly blush

This premium rosé is bursting with bold, fruit flavor and finishes with a flutter of sweetness. Sit back, relax and enjoy it today with baby Swiss cheese, barbequed or roasted chicken, or a lighter dessert like angel food cake.

Suggested Food Pairings

Roasted chicken, cold cuts, pecan pie

Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy

Summer and Fall picnics, by the campfire, lounging by the lake