At Jowler Creek, sustainability starts in the vineyard. We’ve incorporated a variety of methods to minimize erosion and soil loss, reduce harmful inputs and runoff, and encourage natural biodiversity.

As a result, we get the most flavorful and delicious grapes possible. 


Weed-Controlling Sheep

During the growing season we maintain a small flock of sheep to “mow” under the Norton vines, helping eliminate the use of herbicides, minimize soil erosion, decrease dependence on fossil fuels and improve soil health.

Pest-Controlling Chickens

Our flock of free-range laying hens helps control crawling insects naturally, enabling us to reduce or eliminate insecticide use in the vineyard. They also produce delicious free-range eggs that are sold by the dozen in the tasting room.

Pest-Controlling Bats

Bat houses are strategically placed throughout the vineyard. The bats feed on flying bugs all night long, keeping the insect population in check and maintaining the natural balance of our vineyard.

Eco-based Integrated Pest Management

An eco-based integrated pest management (IPM) program with hands-on monitoring helps us keep fruit quality high and free from rot and insects while minimizing our use of synthetic controls.

Honey Bee Colony

Grape vines are self-pollinators and don’t require honey bees to set the fruit. However, our honey bee colony helps improve the cover crops between the rows and surrounding ecosystems that help vines via increased biodiversity and improved soil health. They also produce raw honey that can be sold in the tasting room.

Automated Drip Irrigation System

Our automated drip irrigation system uses 30 - 50% less water than conventional sprinkler method by providing precise water volume to the vine’s root zone. It helps us conserve water by reducing erosion and evaporation while improving overall soil health.

Solar-powered Wildlife Fence

High-tensile fencing powered by the sun surrounds the vineyard to protect the grapevines from deer and other critters that could potentially damage the plants and fruit.

Missouri Stream Team Adopted Access

As members of the Missouri Conservation Stream Team, we help keep the local watershed cleaner and safer. We work to keep the creek free of waste and harmful run-off, and seek to effectively manage the creek’s natural ecosystem.