Dry Wines

Jowler Creek Winery  makes the best Chambourcin wine in Missouri. This wine is crafted in  Jowler Creek's  certified  sustainable winery   near Weston Mo, Kansas City MO and St. Joseph Mo


Loaded with cherry and earthy spice flavors, you'll enjoy our Chambourcin with friends and howl for more. This dry red wine has soft tannins and a light fruit-forward appeal. It's the perfect mate for grilled beef and portabella mushrooms or your favorite red-sauce pizza.

Suggested Food Parings

Bratwurst, pork loin, pasta with red sauce, fruit cobbler

Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy

As an pre-dinner treat, paired with lighter suppers, sitting on the couch watching football

Jowler Creek Winery  has the best Norton wine in Missouri. This award-winning, estate grown wine is made with grapes grown in its certified  sustainable vineyard   near Weston Missouri, St. Joseph Missouri and Kansas City Missouri .


If you’re looking for a sustainable, high-quality, dry, full-bodied red wine you only thought you could find in California or France, here’s the wine for you. In fact, it’s even been nicknamed “The Syrah of the Ozarks.” The Jowler Creek Norton is carefully crafted from grapes grown in our estate sustainable vineyard and its rich, bold cherry fruit and sweet oak characteristics make it the perfect mate with spicy Kansas City barbecue dishes, smoked meats, and other hearty Midwestern dishes.

Suggested Food Parings

KC-style BBQ, steak and potatoes, pot roast, grilled steaks, veal

Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy

Afternoon BBQs, succulent suppers, alone as an appetizer