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2019 Comparative Oak Tasting Uncovers Favorite Oak for Jowler Creek Winery's award-winning sustainable Red wines

Our 9th Annual Comparative Oak Tasting was held January 12-20, 2018. At this unique tasting event, guests were invited to taste six Chambourcin wines and six Norton wines each with different types of oak. See which oak won!

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Celebrating Earth Day at Missouri's First Green Winery

It's no secret that every day is Earth Day at Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery north of Kansas City, MO just outside Weston, Mo! Throughout the year, our certified sustainable local winery makes choices to positively impact our environment, being efficient with the resources we have available, and improving our wine quality to sustain our business. Take a look at this post to learn more about all the green, sustainable, and eco-friendly practices we use in our local winery!

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A New Year Means it’s time to Prune

You might assume that since no vines are actively growing in our certified sustainable vineyard, we simply take the winter off at Jowler Creek. But did you know that the winter months are actually when the grape growing and wine making season actually kicks off? Learn more about why we prune our vines.

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