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Red Cock-a-Doodle Do






Muskrato de Missouri






Nort Premium Dessert Wine


The Sweet School

Jowler Creek Red Cock-a-Doodle Do

Winemaker’s notes: This sweet red wine has savory and smoky undertones, making it the perfect pairing with Kansas City BBQ, spicy chicken wings, and fried fish!

Dominant Traits
Dark red coloring, sweet, fruity, savory
Suggested Food Parings
Kansas City BBQ, spicy chicken wings, fried fish, peanut butter
Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy
Tailgating, summer sangria parties, fish fries

• 2012 Jefferson Cup Invitational Overall Winner

Jowler Creek Muskrato de Missouri

Winemaker’s notes: Like Moscato d' Asti? You'll love this locally-made version with just a hint of bubbly. Enjoy with brunch, desserts, or spicy Asian cuisine!

Dominant Traits
White coloring, sweet, extra fruity, slightly-bubbly
Suggested Food Parings
Desserts, cheesecake, spicy Asian cuisine, strawberries
Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy
Spring or Summer brunch, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, girls day out

• 2013 Jefferson Cup Invitational Gold Medal Winner

Jowler Creek Nort

Winemaker’s notes: This one-of-a-kind dessert style blend of Norton grapes will keep you warm and toasty as you curl up by the fire in your cave on a cool fall night or mid-winter day. Scents of blackberries, plums, and chocolate will fill your nose. It begs to be sipped with chocolate desserts, nuts, or cheese with a little bite.

Dominant Traits
Dark red coloring, medium- to full-bodied
Suggested Food Parings
Chocolate dessert, cheeses with a bite
Perfect Social Setting to Enjoy
Curled up in your cave on a cold winter night, after a hearty holiday dinner, alone as a decadent dessert

• Certificate of Merit, 2006 Jefferson Cup Invitational
• Certificate of Merit, 2007 Platte County Fair
• 2014 Jefferson Cup Double Gold Medal Winner

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