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Summer is another busy season in the vineyard. It’s a constant challenge to manage
each vine’s growth to ensure it effectively fills the trellising system, in addition to keeping damaging pests and diseases off the vines. We also carefully monitor the fruit every day to make sure it’s ripening properly.

Summer tornadic storm
A summer tornadic storm
rolling over the vineyard.

Colleen checking vignoles
Colleen checking to see how the
Vignoles are ripening.

Jason monitoring
Jason monitoring the new vines as they grow.

The Vignoles vines in early-Summer
2006 – the year after they were planted.

Vignoles vines protected from the birds with netting
Vignoles vines protected
from the birds with netting.

The long rows of Vignoles vines.

The Vignoles vines in mid-Summer.

Norton grapes ripening
Norton grapes ripening.

More rows of our Vignoles vines.

Bat Houses
Bat houses are scattered throughout the
vineyard to help our fellow
“creek creatures” feel at home.

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