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Just like certain trees and grasses, grapevines start to go dormant in the fall. But before
they go dormant, all the grapes need to be harvested…typically by hand. Harvest time is partially determined by weather, but is mostly dependent on the sugar, acid, and pH levels in the grapes.

After all the grapes are harvested, we can relax and take a deep breath for a minute…
unless we’re planning to plant more vines. If this is the case we start preparing the soil (ripping, plowing, fertilizing) for the spring planting and get a jump-start on setting some
of the massive end posts.

Baby Addie and Grandma Lori picking Norton
Baby Addie and Grandma Lori picking Norton.

“Vern” (Colleen’s dad)
“Vern” (Colleen’s dad) picking Norton.

Hollingsworth family
The Hollingsworth family,
local Norton grape growers.

Vignoles grapes on the vine
Vignoles grapes on the vine.

Colleen crushing Norton grapes
Colleen crushing Norton grapes.

Jason and Lori picking Norton
Jason and Lori picking Norton.

Colton Gerke
Colton Gerke (Jason and Colleen’s nephew)
with a load of Norton.

Colleen picking vignoles
Colleen picking Vignoles grapes.

Jason loading Norton grapes  from the 2006 harvest
Jason loading Norton grapes
from the 2006 harvest.

Jason plowing
Jason plowing the rows
for planting the following year.

Jason and Bruce Lyon
Jason and Bruce Lyon, a local grape grower.

Guys hauling Norton
The guys hauling Norton out of the vineyard.

Jason picking Nortons
Jason picking Norton grapes.

Norton grapes
Close-up of the Norton grapes.

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